Electric Pot Furnace

The fully electric pot furnace is the answer to the request of very high quality of the art glass producers. The main characteristic of the electric heating of the furnace is the very good homogeneity of the mass of glass during the working time.The furnaces are designed to melt raw material batch, glass cullet, glass pellets or pelletized batch or a combination of these materials.

Main Features

  • High quality of the glass thanks to the very good homogeneity of the mass of glass
  • Reduced working costs (operational costs)
  • Zero combustion emission into the atmosphere (no smoke)
  • The ease of installation
  • Fully automatic temperature control
  • Compact design and light weight allows an easy transport
  • Lower heat losses results in lower outside skin temperature
  • High quality long lasting heating elements (Super kanthal type)

Why Choose Falorni Glass Electric Furnace

  • Easy installation
  • The furnace is delivered ready to be used with the electric heating system already assembled
  • Limitated environmental impact
  • Low heat radiation losses

Each furnace is designed and built to of realiability can be guaranteed in use and resistence to corrosion without forgetting the importance of flexibility and practically of its use.