Electric Miniglass ECO

The furnace is designed and built to permit the lower and upper parts to be replaced as needed. The insulated melting tank (lower half) is assembled in the metallic housing, ready to replace the used half. It is sold as a spare part. The melting tank can be changed in a few hours, by a competent person following the instructions provided.

The furnace glass contact material is round in shape (half sphere). The material used is a high quality Mullite Zircon. The maximum recomended working temperature is 1350°C (2462°F).

The ECO furnaces are created for glass artists who need to switch on and off their furnaces quite often during one year, but they can be used continuously, if required.

Main Features

  • Reduced working costs (operational costs)
  • Zero combustion emission into the atmosphere (no smoke)
  • Easy installation
  • Fully automatic temperature control
    Interchangeable melting tank, top and bottom parts
  • The pneumatic sliding door provided allows connection of an external gas burner (Option)-
  • Compact design and light weight permits ease of transportation
  • Very high insulation of the furnace with lower heat losses and lower external heat irradiation
  • High quality long lasting heating elements (Super kanthal type)
  • Glass bottom drain (Option)

The furnace is designed to melt cullet, glass pellets, pelletized batch or a combination of these materials. Raw batch is NOT recommended for the use with the ECO type furnace, because batch dust would damage the heating elements.