Day Tank Air-GasOxygen Combustion System

For the production of special glass with very high melting temperature, such as dark colors, borosilicate glass or glass ceramic, our company proposes a special automatic combustion mixed system (air-gas-oxygen), which is able to get the furnace up to 1550°C.

This system is an innovative Oxygen/air/natural gas combustion system conceived to work in two different operating ways:

  1. Preheated air / natural gas (traditional way)
  2. Oxygen / preheated air / natural gas
    It has been developed to improve :

Melting temperature over than 1500°C: with Falorni Glass Oxy system it is possible to reach the melting temperature of 1550°C in few hours, without stress of the refractory materials, especially to the crown of the furnace.

Shorter melting time: thanks to the higher temperature of the flame and its brightness, the melting process with the AIR/GAS/OXY combustion system is two hours shorter.

Melting of very dark colour: the brightness of the flame allows to melt very dark colored glass.

Loss of chemical components: the quantity of waste gas is reduced of 55%, and the batch powder carried out is very small.

Atmosphere pollution: the emission in the atmosphere is reduced.

Flexibility in the use: Falorni Oxy system can be used in the traditional way (preheated air/natural gas) and with Oxygen/air/gas. The commutation is directly made from the panel control (turning a key selector), and nothing has to be moved (the burner and the digital controller instruments are both the same). The operator can change type of system every time he wants, and he can use the oxygen only during some special glass meltings (for example for the borosilicate glass and the dark colored glass). With this system it is possible to use the Oxygen only when it is necessary. During the working time, for example, it is not convenient to use Oxy because it is not very efficient.

Easy installation: Falorni Oxy system is very easy to install, in comparison with the standard combustion system.
It is possible to add the oxygen technology to all the Falorni combustion systems.