Day Tank Miniglass Furnace

The Day Tank Miniglass Furnace is suitable for the production of very high quality glass.

The Miniglass pot is fully assembled and transportable on its steel frame and the glass achieves a very high quality level.

The main features of this furnace is that the burner is placed in the lower part of the furnace and the flame runs around the pot. In this way we have a biggest heat transfer to the mass of glass in the lower part and it creates very strong glass currents and very homogeneus mass of glass inside the pot.

Pots can be replaced at hot or alternatively at cold. The digital programmer drives the cooling down and heating up ramp of the furnace.
Combustion system with steel heating recuperator is fully automatic.

The burner has an automatic ignition and UVZ flame detector.

Main Features
The main characteristics of this furnace are the following:

Transportable and compact: it is delivered ready to be used with the combustion system already assembled.

Interchangeable melting tank: the furnace is built in order to be able to change the melting tank independently from the furnace superstructure. The insulated melting tank assembled in the metallic structure, ready to be replaced, is sold as a spare part.

Glass drainage: the furnace is provided with a drainage hole in the centre of the melting tank bottom. This hole is used to empty the tank from the glass in a few types of processing methods, or to clean the furnace when we change the color. The opening and closure of the hole is regulated by a mechanism provided with a water cooled punch, which allows the opening and the closure of the glass flow.

Reduced consumption of Energy and resistance to many cycles of switching on and off; the Miniglass furnace has been studied on purpose to have a minimum mass of refractory material. For the type of work that a day tank has to perform daily, that is to say to warm (charging and melting) and cool (working temperature), a reduced refractory mass allows to reduce the gas consumption (we don’t have to warm much material), and at the same time it endures better the heatings and the coolings, because it has a very little dilatation.

Automatic combustion system with flame control and heating curve from room temperature till working temperature;

The combustion system is provided with a safety gas ramp and a sensor detecting the presence of the flame. The automatic combustion system allows the regulation of the heating in degrees / hour, or by following a set program, up to the reaching of the final working set-point.

Alarm system with phone controller: the furnace has an alarm system with phone controller: in case of anomaly in the functioning or electric black out, beyond an acoustic warning, it sends a call to some phone numbers set in sequence, till one of these answers and confirms the reception..