Glory Hole Furnace

The Glory Hole furnace is the essential tool for the artist who has to work the glass into various shapes. This furnace is easy to use, safe, reliable, and fast in the heating.

Years of experience had with our customers allowed us, starting from more complex and expensive types of furnace, to get a functional product easy to use, and wholly in conformity with directives regarding the safety, which can be installed both in industrial contest and in the centre of towns.

As a consequence, the more interesting characteristic of such furnace is a very good ratio quality/price.
Our Glory Hole furnace is easily transportable, thanks to the reduced weight and the wheels, and can reach high temperatures very rapidly, thanks to the materials which compose its internal part.

It is built by a circular steel structure which is installed on a frame made of iron beams and tubes.

The heating chamber is filled by high density compressed ceramic fibre with a maximum working temperature of 1450°C. The mouth is made by refractory material mainly composed of mullite material, which is cast and vibrated in order to obtain the requested shape.

The internal bottom of the furnace, where some glass could fall down, is proctected by a dense refractory material plates.
The reductions are made by high compressed ceramic fiber (it can be made by refractory material, under request of the customer), and are fixed on the external steel frame of the furnace with manual movement.

The furnace can be composed by N. 01 or N. 02 or N. 03 working-mouths which can be equipped with a maximum of N. 02 reductions each.
The furnace is equipped with wheels that are installed on the supporting-frame and allow an easy and smooth displacement of the furnace inside the glass factory.