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The Company is the leader in the manufacturing of continuous and discontinuous furnaces with pre-heated air/natural gas and with oxygen/natural gas, for the production of soda-lime glass, lead crystal, borosilicate, and special glass. All the furnaces are handmade and tailored according to the glassmaker’s needs: you will never have a furnace like another one because every furnace is unique.


The Company is the leader in the manufacturing of continuous and discontinuos furnaces


We provide a full range of services: installation and launch, warranty, and post-warranty service of our products.


We manufacture and supply all the necessary equipment for glass production: batch chargers, burners, recuperators, and more.


We can assist you in every aspect of your project. We can suggest you the most suitable melting furnace configuration depending on your production type and provide you with all the equipment required to set up your workshop.

About Us

Falorni Glass Furnaces: the value of customization since 1958

The history of Falorni Gianfranco Srl is the story of a family that, for three generations of dedication, has enhanced a business philosophy that finds in the passion for glass its signature. It was Gianfranco Falorni who founded the core of a family-run company that today has two divisions, one for the artistic glass (Falorni Glass Furnaces) and one for the industrial sector (Falornitech) both active worldwide


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Sales Department

If you are looking for high-quality industrial equipment, resources, or consumables, the specialists in our Sales Department will be glad to provide you with any product of your choice.

Our Production

The range of products that we manufacture and supply to our customers includes gas and electric furnaces for glass production, parts for industrial equipment, and all kinds of necessary resources and consumables for the art glass industry.

The most complete range of melting solutions for any kind of glass and for any type of production
Possibility to personalize all products. Not anyone can have the same products of Falorni Glass
Our products are conceived for small production but made for the industry
Experience, knowledge, creativity, empathy, listening. Falorni Glass: passion for glass

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