Day Tank Hot Air Burners

The internal part is covered with refractory material. The maximum temperature of the air is 550°C.

Each burner is provided by a butterfly valve with a pressure manometer for hot air regulation and a micrometric valve and mechanical gas flow meter for gas quantity measure. 
The gas mixer of the burners is adjustable in order to control the flame length. The distance between air mixer and gas nozzle inside of the burner is adjustable, in order to control the air gas mixing process.

The gas pipe with nozzle and air mixer are easily interchangeable from the back of the burner.
The burners can work with big excess of air to create a very oxidant atmosphere in the combustion chamber.

Low noise burner. The combustion noise of these burners is very low.
The burners are installed on a fully adjustable bracket and connected to the gas supplied through quick-release flexible hoses