Day Tank - Up to 4500 kg

Day Tank Up to 6 Ton/Day

The Day-Tank is a gas fired glass melting furnace to produce soda- Lime transparent and colored glass. The range dimension is from 500 kg to 4000 kg.
Its main feature is the flexibility use because you can introduce raw materials subsequently melted and finally gathered. 

The working cycle is 24 hours, divided as follows: 12 hours for filling and melting, 3 hours for the rest (the glass cooling down) and about 8-9 hours for gathering and preparing of glass items. The tank is in circular shape to help the homogeneity of the glass mass temperature. The heating system has only one gas burner which works on the surface of the glass bath. The working temperatures goes from 1450°C (to melt soda-lime transparent glass) up to 1490°C (to melt dark colour like blue or green).