On 27 February 2018, Il Sole 24 Ore dedicated an in-depth study entitled “Glass Industry / Excellent Companies”.

It was 1958 when Gianfranco Falorni opened a resale of refractory material in Empoli, in the heart of Tuscany where the culture of glass has very ancient roots. A tradition that was born to respond to the practical need to contain locally produced wine and which is expressed in the green color of the glass, an exceptional natural color due to the high percentage of iron oxide contained in local sands. Sixty years after its foundation, Falorni Gianfranco Srl today has two divisions: Falorni Glass Furnaces known throughout the world for the melting furnaces dedicated to the highest quality artistic glassware (Murano glass or French glassware) and FalorniTech, the division dedicated to the glass industry and its derivatives which, together with the construction of melting furnaces up to 350 tons, provides the design, engineering and development of turnkey solutions both in Italy and above all abroad. 

Taking full advantage of internal skills and resources together with selected collaborations in specific aspects of the production process (production is divided into several phases, from the mixing of raw materials to blast furnace melting, from the cutting of incandescent drops to the packaging of the finished product) Falorni Tech has managed to make its way into a very concentrated market dominated by very high technological competition where Italy plays a leading role. And it is precisely our “know-how” that represents an added value in the glass sector: in the company’s international projection strategy, Italian character translates into the search for the best available technology, in the ability to innovate with a customer center approach. But we do not start only from the customer’s needs to design a product: it is necessary to investigate what these needs are determined by and it is not always certain that the answer is an oven or a dye channel. 

The Italian machinery industry in the glass sector is export champion but in FalorniTech’s experience it is also in operational and managerial consultancy: not only mechanical solutions, the request is for a “broad” product, a company response that extends from product to a whole set of skills and advantages that the company as a whole is able to ensure. And it is above all from the countries of the MEA area that FalorniTech records the majority of requests for EPCC projects and consultancy: despite difficulties of a different nature, these regions are oriented by constant growth and which today show a strong interest in investing in glass (plan , cable, wool, fiber) a sustainable material, 100% recyclable countless times (the only real limit in terms of glass production is the color) and totally inert (in contact with any food it does not release substances and odors or absorb them from the food it contains). But it is above all a business closely linked to that of consumption (think of the uses of glass in the food, construction, automotive, pharmaceutical, perfumery, nautical and aerospace industries). 

This is why Falorni Tech provides a mix of transversal and technical skills to ensure the distinctiveness of the final product: a highly specialized team is dedicated to turnkey or green field projects and has the task of assisting the investor from phase zero, helping him. to understand what are the major obstacles in the management and organization of an industrial glass factory, to let them know the technological cycle and the criticalities that characterize the production process. 

A team really interested in helping the customer to increase or start their business: because their business is also that of FalorniTech.